Xbox Game Pass' Boyfriend Dungeon Is Proving To Be Controversial For Some Players
Image: Kitfox Games

Boyfriend Dungeon launched without warning onto Xbox Game Pass last week, and despite its quiet arrival, it's making some ripples throughout the community regarding its content.

Be warned, there are minor spoilers ahead.

Initially, the trailers for the game painted a light adventure, with charming visual novel elements sprinkled within. However, while it all seems breezy on the surface, players have discovered there are darker themes at play. Underlying narrative threads build towards tough subject matter such as stalkers and emotional manipulation.

As a result, developer Kitfox Games has addressed the concerns players have raised. Going forward, the team is working to update the game to ensure a content warning message is clearly labelled before the game starts.

There have been two trains of thought on this. Some believe the game should be reworked to remove these elements, whereas others believe an artist should be allowed to express themselves, regardless of how uncomfortable it may make others feel.

We suppose the biggest takeaway from it all is the use of content warnings and how far developers should go to ensure players are well-versed in what they're getting into. It's a shame that in the case of Boyfriend Dungeon the topic of discussion has revealed one of its hidden elements, so it's perhaps not quite as black and white as you'd expect.

Comments in response to the statement have again been divisive. The reaction appears to be split between people agreeing it needs a content warning, whilst others remain firmly in the camp that the game should be altered.

Kitfox has not stated that any in-game changes will be made, just that a more "accurate" content warning will be provided for the game. It's a tough situation, but hopefully, one that the developer manages to find a way out of, pleasing both sides of the argument in the process.

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