If you’re eager to get your hands on Tales of Arise, then fear not - a free demo is now available to download on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

The demo allows players to explore a part of the game’s world, with a chance to engage in the new battle system that many fans are dying to get their hands on. Those who play the demo will also receive the Vacation Hootle Doll in the full game when it launches next month.

Sadly, progress between the demo and main game won't carry over, so don’t get too invested in your time with Tales of Arise just yet. It's also worth noting that the contents of the demo have been altered to differ from the final game.

Venture through a lush world brought to life by the game's "Atmospheric Shader". Get into spirited conversations with other party members as you roam from place to place, leveling characters up and gathering items along the way.

When you need some down time, set up camp in the great outdoors and cook delicious meals for your party to eat. In Tales of Arise, many series staples fans have come to know and love are back and are even more plentiful and varied than ever, just waiting to be unearthed!

Tales of Arise launches in the west on September 10 and is looking to be an impressive step in the right direction. Along with updated graphics, the combat system has been overhauled, and new features such as fishing and farming have been implemented too. If you want to see if it's worth a purchase, you can download the demo via the Microsoft Store website or on your Xbox console now.

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