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One of the most addictive loops for multiplayer games is the promise of constant rewards for in-game kills and winning matches - it's what keeps people coming back for more. But what if that dangling carrot was taken away and instead replaced with in-game challenges that needed to be completed to progress? That's exactly what Halo Infinite is doing at launch and fans aren't happy about it.

Confirming the news to a fan on Twitter, Halo Infinite's community manager John Junyszek revealed there will be "no per-match XP at launch". Instead, players must complete challenges to progress through the battle pass.

Junyszek added it will be "extremely difficult to run out [of] daily challenges", but admittedly it's not entirely impossible to run out for anyone who massively grinds the multiplayer.

It's a strange change and one we're not really behind. The community has voiced their opinion on the matter and the response has been overwhelmingly negative. One of the most liked responses on Twitter described it as being "the opposite of consumer-friendly", while another added, "an XP system is a basic function present in [almost] every online game ever made. There is no reason for that to not be present".

The controversy has also sparked up on Reddit, with one user going as far as saying it breaks the flow of each match, as players may be forced to use specific weapons to complete challenges.

It's a baffling choice and one we hope the team reacts to following the backlash from the decision. Forcing players to play an online game in a specific way is never a good sign and only incentivises those who go out of their way to complete challenges. Fortunately, 343's head of design Jerry Hook did have the following to say about it:

"We hear you on this, daily challenges for playing matches is the plan for launch, but we're always looking at ways to expand progression across the board. We'll have more to share about the outcomes from key Tech Preview feedback, including this, in an upcoming blog on Waypoint."

The whole point of multiplayer is to reward everyone, no matter how you play. Adding challenges seems to be a strange way of gatekeeping lesser players in favour of those who play extremely well. We really hope a solution to this problem is found, or the team at least implements per-match XP soon after launch.

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