Red Dead Redemption Remaster Could Be On The Way If Reported GTA Trilogy Is A Hit
Image: Rockstar Games

News broke out last night of a potential Grand Theft Auto remastered trilogy, as several outlets reported on Kotaku's discovery. However, the main report featured one small detail that many overlooked - a Red Dead Redemption remaster or rerelease is also reportedly on the cards, depending on the trilogy's success.

As mentioned by Kotaku, several sources - who also claimed the GTA trilogy is inbound for later this year - added that a Red Dead Redemption remaster is also potentially in Rockstar's plans. Unfortunately, if players want it to see the light of day, sales of the trilogy need to be strong.

"For fans who are more interested in other classic Rockstar games getting remastered and rereleased, sources tell me that Rockstar has plans to develop new ports of games like Red Dead Redemption. But the future of these remastered games depends on how well these initial re-releases sell."

We'd argue that a Red Dead Redemption remaster would just be as popular as the reported GTA trilogy. The game made a huge impact when it originally launched back In 2010 and going back to the game via backwards compatibility, it's evident it still holds up. A spruce up of the graphics and a few tweaks here and there would be all it really needs.

Of course, none of this is confirmed as of yet. While Kotaku dropped the motherload of information on a GTA trilogy remaster, followed by other outlets such as VGC corroborating the report, we haven't heard anything official. That being said, with so many people seemingly confirming its existence, we're led to believe it's pretty likely. But if we want that Red Dead Redemption remaster, we best show our enthusiasm for the trilogy if and when it launches.

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