Phil Spencer Talks About Quake’s Impact Within The Games Industry
Image: id Software

The Quake remaster's surprise announcement and drop into Xbox Game Pass yesterday was a very welcome one. It's a game with a huge cultural impact and one that Xbox boss Phil Spencer recognises.

As part of Quakecon 2021, Spencer delivered a small message about the game and how "it set a bar" when it was originally released. He said it was one of those franchises that "changed everything that came after them", and added it's an "awesome franchise to recognise and give its due for what it meant to [the game's] industry".

"I think it's important for us as players, as people who love the gaming industry, [to acknowledge] what are art form is about, to recognise those franchises that really changed so much that came after them due to the sheer innovation, differentiation, and kind of risk taking the team took. Quake was clearly one of those franchises. You can remember before Quake and after Quake.

"I think everything that came after Quake both had a bar that the franchise set, and also just an impact on design and multiplayer that we feel in the games we're still playing today. Awesome franchise to recognise and give it its due for what it meant to our industry."

It wasn't just the first Quake that entered Xbox Game Pass yesterday, as both Quake 2 and Quake 3: Arena also launched into the service for PC players, meaning the entire trilogy is now playable for all members on PC. It's great to see Spencer's recognition for the franchise and what it means for so many people, as well as working with Bethesda to bring the series back to life with a revitalised edition of the original.

Maybe you could make some more Quake games backwards compatible, Phil? Please?

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