Halo Infinite's File Size Is Probably Going To Be Huge On Xbox

It's no surprise, but it looks as though Halo Infinite's file size is going to be pretty huge. With the campaign, multiplayer, and the foundations for an ever-expanding game, it makes sense. A recently 'leaked' image is currently making the rounds on social media, placing its total file size at 97.24GB on Xbox.

It should be noted that we're not entirely sure when this image originated from, so it could potentially be fake, but at first glance it looks to be the real deal. We're assuming this would be for the Xbox Series X version specifically:

Obviously, Halo Infinite hasn't gone gold yet, so this file size could fluctuate substantially until then, although it's not really a shock that it could potentially be around 100GB. With how gargantuan the overall package is planning to be, it may be best to start preparing some additional space on your console.

Would you be surprised to see Halo Infinite's file size be 100GB? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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