Bethesda Shares Videos Of Three Different Locations In Starfield
Image: Bethesda Games Studios

We may be over a year away from the release of Starfield on Xbox Game Pass, but that hasn't stopped Bethesda from sharing multiple new videos, highlighting three various locations from the upcoming space RPG.

The very brief, but stunning looks, give an insight into the concept art behind three distinct locales: Neon, New Atlantis and Akila. In the short videos, the process and inspirations for their designs are shared.

If you're eager for more Starfield news, then enjoy!


New Atlantis


Outside of the E3 trailer for Starfield, and a few old leaks, little else is known about the game right now. It was said the trailer (not the videos above) was made entirely using in-engine footage, suggesting the next-gen RPG will be a looker.

Bethesda Game Studios' executive producer Todd Howard has described Starfield as "Skyrim in space". If that doesn't sound intriguing, then we don't know what does. Roll on November 11, 2022!

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Which Starfield Location Are You Most Intrigued By So Far?

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