Yesterday, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice got a surprise upgrade for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S - adding "enriched visuals, DirectX Raytracing, resolution mode" and more.

As part of this, developer Ninja Theory has had a chat with Xbox Wire about the new update. One of the highlights was the reveal of a certain milestone. The action-adventure game has now been experienced by 6.3 million players across all platforms.

"We’re incredibly proud that four years after launching Hellblade, we still hear from players on pretty much a daily basis who are experiencing our game for the first time. With an incredible 6.3 million total players across all platforms, Senua’s story has reached more people than we could have possibly imagined. We’re excited to give Hellblade a new lease of life with this update on next-gen Xbox consoles, not just to have a definitive version of the game available, but also to ensure we get to see more people experiencing Senua’s journey for years to come."

No doubt a number of these players have enjoyed this game via Xbox Game Pass. The upgrade is also included for XBGP users. Have you tried it out yourself yet? What do you think so far? Tell us down in the comments.