Xbox Is The Official Console Of Battlefield 2042, Whatever That Means

Battlefield 2042 clearly struck a marketing deal with Xbox after the game was shown during the company's E3 2021 presentation, but now it's also been reported that the Xbox Series X and S are the "official consoles" for the game.

What does that mean? Well, we don't exactly know. The information comes from a press release (as reported by GameSpot), in which DICE and publisher Electronic Arts called the Xbox Series X|S the "official consoles of Battlefield 2042". The game isn't exclusive to Xbox and there's no word on any Xbox specific extras yet, so it could just be marketing jargon - it's very unclear.

It was also mentioned in the press release that these consoles will "ensure that the next entry in the Battlefield franchise is the best one yet". That could potentially mean that Xbox Series X|S users will have specific technical benefits over other platforms, or perhaps it's just standard promotion since Microsoft and EA are pretty close these days.

With EA Play around the corner on July 22, we'll be seeing more of the game there, including "a new way to play" Battlefield. Again, it's unclear what this means, but hopefully some of our burning questions get answered. As for now, if you're looking to pick up Battlefield 2042, then Xbox Series X|S is the place to play... apparently.

What do you think it means by Xbox Series X|S being the "official consoles of Battlefield 2042? Tell us below.