Simpsons Hit & Run

No matter what platform you prefer, what your genre preferences are, or whether you even like The Simpsons, the general consensus is people would love to see The Simpsons: Hit & Run make a comeback. It's something you always see on forums and social media, yet there's still no sign of anything. It seems one of the shows creators also feels the same, as they've expressed they would also like to see it return.

Speaking to IGN, Matt Selman - who has worked on the show since 1997 - expressed his desire to see The Simpsons: Hit & Run remastered. While he would love for it to come to fruition, he also recognises that it's stuck in a "complicated corporate octopus" due to licensing issues.

“I would love to see a remastered version of [Simpsons Hit & Run], I would, [but] it's a complicated corporate octopus to try to make that happen.”

Selman also opened up about the initial creation of the game. While it's no secret it was inspired heavily by the Grand Theft Auto series, this is apparently something the showrunners had to fight for as publisher Vivendi Universal Games wanted to keep the action strictly behind the wheel.

"We were all playing Grand Theft Auto at the time and [the] publisher, they just wanted another driving game. And we were like, everyone's playing whatever version of Grand Theft Auto, people need to get out of the cars. That was a huge creative battle over whether it was just a ‘driving around doing missions’ game or a ‘getting out of the car and doing missions’ game. But I do think the battle was worth fighting."

We would agree that it was a battle worth fighting for, as Selman remembers it. The critical reception and legacy the game has held since its release back in 2003 is something you don't see very often.

Back in April we held a poll asking Pure Xbox readers whether they wanted to see the game return in some capacity. A staggering 81% of the votes suggested that they would be extremely excited if it happened, with another 14% feeling the same, but remaining doubtful of its inception.

Whether it ever happens remains to be seen as EA owns the rights, and the licensing behind The Simpsons Hit & Run could cause a lot of problems. That being said, we can imagine it being a huge hit if it eventually comes to fruition.

Do you think we'll ever see a remastered version of The Simpsons: Hit & Run? Let us know in the comments below.