The Next Instalment In The Dark Pictures Anthology Has Seemingly Been Revealed
Image: Bandai Namco

We've not even seen the release of House of Ashes yet and the next entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology has seemingly been uncovered. According to a recent trademark filing, it will be known as The Devil In Me.

It can be found on Justia Trademarks, complete with a logo for the game. Said image even has an in-depth description revealing a few more juicy details about it. There's an emphasis on the V in the "Devil", which according to the description, "is stylized with a magnifying glass attached to the bottom". That's really our only hint on the game so far, but no doubt confirms another entry is on the way after this year's release.

House of Ashes is expected to launch this October, bringing another thrill ride of terror. This time the story is set at the end of the Iraq War, as a mission to uncover weapons of mass destruction brings the team face-to-face against deadly monsters. While the series isn't revolutionary, it's been known to pack some fun Halloween entertainment, so we're hoping House of Ashes continues that tradition.

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