We're now less than two weeks away from the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on Tuesday, July 27, and while the hype is huge, some fans are still concerned about how it will perform.

The game is known for putting even the most expensive of gaming PCs to work, but according to developer Asobo Studio, the 'wow' factor that people are impressed by on a $3,000 PC will be "pretty much unchanged" on Xbox Series X.

"Although the initial product release requires powerful PCs, the Azure architecture will enable the Microsoft Flight Simulator experience on other devices, too—notably Xbox consoles and, ultimately, mobile devices. This device democratization means that the product does not require more power on the device to scale, rather it just needs streaming bandwidth.

Put another way, Azure allows 'every device to punch above its weight,' notes Neumann. 'What you see right now that people are impressed by on a $3,000 PC—guess what? It comes pretty much unchanged to a $500 console, and we are putting things in place to bring it to even lower spec devices, like phones.'"

We can expect a similar level of spectacle on Xbox Series X (and hopefully Xbox Series S) as PC, then, with the biggest difference being the frame rate limitations for non-VRR displays. If your TV can't work with variable refresh rates, the Series X and Series S versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator will be locked to 30 frames per-second.

Team Xbox has already confirmed plans to bring Microsoft Flight Simulator to Xbox One via Xbox Cloud Gaming in the future as well, which will likely be made accessible as soon as the new Microsoft Edge browser rolls out to the public.

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