Xbox Series PS5

If you've ever viewed a comment below one of the official Xbox social account posts on either Twitter or Facebook, you might have seen the occasional reply suggesting certain other consoles are better.

While it's mostly just fans of these other systems trolling, the company (or at least the person who runs the official Xbox account) has used it as an opportunity to share the following message: the best console is the one you enjoy playing.

The tweet has blown up with more than 100k Likes now. In recent years we've seen Xbox take an increasingly friendlier approach to the competition. For example, the head of Xbox Phil Spencer is always praising Nintendo and Sony on certain milestones. Most recently, he's even shared his initial thoughts on Valve's Steam Deck - congratulating the team.

What are your own thoughts about Xbox's latest tweet? Would you agree the best console is the one you enjoy playing the most? Share your own thoughts down in the comments.