Random: Happy Gilmore Was Almost Turned Into An Original Xbox Game
Image: MikeJMika on Twitter

Think of all the games we've potentially missed out on over the years. A lot of them will never come to light, but courtesy of Digital Eclipse studio head Mike Mika, we know that a Happy Gilmore game for Xbox was one of them.

Back in the day, Mike was part of a team at Digital Eclipse who pitched the idea as a "hybrid fighting and golf game". He shared the concept poster on Twitter, stating "it should have been greenlit because it was a great idea."

In the comments, he explained that Happy Gilmore star Adam Sandler was actually "on the periphery of it all", described as "super supportive". His brother was "the ringer in trying to get these companies to get off their ass and also to get the right deal", and it wasn't just going to be an Xbox exclusive, as pitches were designed for "everyone".

His tweets have garnered a lot of attention, leading him to humorously speculate whether Netflix would back a Happy Gilmore game running on Unreal Engine 5, saying he wants to "get the band back together and finally ship this beast."

Would you have a liked to see a Happy Gilmore game for the original Xbox? Tell us in the comments below.

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