Prepare Yourself, Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Around 100GB On Xbox Series X, Series S

Microsoft Flight Simulator will finally be with us on Xbox Series X and Series S (and Xbox Game Pass) in just over a week on Tuesday, July 27, but you're going to need to find some space, as it'll take up around 100GB on your console.

A preliminary file size has begun to show up if you hit 'Manage with Game Pass' on Flight Sim's page on the Xbox Store, which indicates that at the very least, you're looking at a size of 97.2GB. Here's the evidence:

The Microsoft Store's approximate size suggestion mentions that the game could go all the way up to 150GB on Xbox Series X, so we'll have to wait and see if that's the case. At the time of writing, you sadly still can't pre-download the game, as hitting the 'pre-install' button simply downloads a 200MB placeholder file instead.

It's no surprise that Microsoft Flight Simulator is packing a massive file size on Xbox Series X and Series S, as it's very similar on PC, although it recently reduced its PC size from 170GB+ to 83GB. Better start saving some space!

Will you be finding the space to try Flight Simulator with Xbox Game Pass? Let us know in the comments.