June's PlayStation Plus offerings saw Operation: Tango taking the crown for the free PlayStation 5 game of the month, but the game is also now available to purchase for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

The unique co-operative experience uses a similar multiplayer style to games such as A Way Out and It Takes Two. While perhaps not as big in scale, the story here is based around you and a partner playing as spies. You'll have to work together to solve puzzles and help one another out in tricky situations.

It comes with a Friend's Pass, so only one person needs to purchase the game to reap the benefits. It also has cross-play, so you shouldn't struggle to find a partner online.

Key Features:

- CO-OP PUZZLE SOLVING: Combine skill sets from different points of view to overcome challenges focused on communication, not difficulty. These missions cannot be completed alone.

- THRILLING ESPIONAGE: Investigate, hack and infiltrate while executing missions across the globe. Live out your ultimate “Hollywood” spy fantasy!

- HI-TECH TOOLS: Experience the visual splendor and technological advances of a hyper-connected world built around augmented reality.

- FRIENDLY BANTER: Constant communication makes for both heartfelt and hilarious moments. It’s all about sharing your voice.

You can pick it up for £16.74/$19.99 via the Microsoft Store as of today. It's a pretty unique game and PlayStation users seemed to really enjoy their time with it, so no doubt it'll prove to be a few hours' worth of entertainment at the least.

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