Mortal Kombat 11 Has Now Sold More Than 12 Million Copies Worldwide

Warner Bros. Games has announced today that NetherRealm's Mortal Kombat 11 has sold more than 12 million copies worldwide, and the Mortal Kombat franchise as a whole has now sold 73 million "videogame units" to date.

In a statement, creator Ed Boon had the following to say about the huge milestone:

When Mortal Kombat launched nearly 30 years ago, I never dreamed it would grow into the franchise it is today with more than 73 million games sold. We have some of the most passionate fans in the world and we appreciate the support they have shown us over the years.”

NetherRealm recently announced that Mortal Kombat 11's DLC had "come to an end", with the team now putting focus on their "next project". There's no word yet on whether it's a new Injustice, Mortal Kombat or something else entirely.

In any case, with figures like these, you can bet we'll be seeing a Mortal Kombat 12 at some point in the future!

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