We're expecting to see a fair few previews for Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S crop up over the next few days, and Windows Central is one of the outlets that has been first to the punch.

In their preview, they've highlighted the differences between the Xbox Series X and Series S versions, pointing out that both consoles "have left [us] consistently in awe", and even the Series S "maintains a high standard".

"Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S both surprisingly maintained their 30 FPS performance targets in my initial hours, often exceeding expectations with their visuals. The two consoles have left me consistently in awe, delivering stellar experiences, especially for a title renowned as taxing on PC."

However, there are apparently notable differences between the two. In addition to the obvious change in resolution between Series X and Series S, the Series X version is said to utilise "significantly higher-quality assets", rivalling some of the best experiences on PC, although "not pushing the best available visuals".

Meanwhile, the Xbox Series S is said to deliver "mixed results" in this area, sometimes proving highly reminiscent of the Xbox Series X version, and at other times dropping the quality of satellite imagery and foliage during busy situations.

The Xbox Series S delivers mixed results, largely dependent on the geographical features of the location, weather conditions, and other variables. Besides the drop in resolution, there were some points I could easily pass this gameplay as Xbox Series X, a slip-up I was keen to avoid when compiling screenshots. However, satellite imagery and foliage sometimes appear overtly hazy in some locations, especially at low altitudes in busy areas.

In summary, the preview suggests that the Xbox Series X version undoubtedly comes out on top, but Flight Simulator "maintains a high standard on the affordable console". While you can reportedly see the compromises that have been made for Series S, "there's no other way to achieve this level of quality on a budget."

You'll be able to test it all out for yourself in just a few short days when Microsoft Flight Simulator officially arrives for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (with Xbox Game Pass) on Tuesday, July 27. Prepare for take-off!

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