We're not quite sure how or why this has happened, but 2D puzzle adventure Inops, which usually retails for £9.99 / $9.99 on the Microsoft Store and various other platforms, is now totally free to claim on the Xbox Store.

Better yet, there are no catches involved! All you need to do is either visit Inops's Microsoft Store page or search for the game on console, and you'll be able to claim it with no fuss. Interestingly, it looks like it's a permanent discount.

In the game, you'll need to escape traps, solve puzzles and dodge enemies using the Inops ability to split into many little creatures or join into one big Inop whenever you wish. Reviews are few-and-far-between for this one, but the majority of review scores seem to have landed on 6s and 7s out of 10, so it's definitely worth a go!

Dive into the wondrous world of the Inops! The 2D puzzle based side scrolling adventure of dark and light. Battle the fire breathing demons and rescue the scattered Inops.

Have you played Inops before? Will you be downloading it to check it out? Let us know in the comments.

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