If you've got a next-gen console and you've been holding out on trying Conan Exiles, you're in luck. The recently added Xbox Game Pass title is now optimised for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

To mark the launch of the free update, developer Funcom has released a pretty extensive trailer highlighting all the changes from the Xbox One version. It's an impressive upgrade, boasting increased texture quality, improved draw distance, and more. Additionally, the resolution has now jumped from 900p to full 4K.

Conan Exiles has now been optimized for Xbox Series X|S and has gotten many improvements for these new consoles. The main improvements are the following:

– Increased resolutions and frame rates
– Increased shadow quality
– Higher shadow distance
– Increased texture quality
– Increased draw distance for foliage and grass– Improved effects and postprocess quality
– Volumetric fog on Isle of Siptah expansion map

With the game available in Xbox Game Pass, you'll be able to download and give the upgrade a spin if you're subscribed. We appreciate it when developers take the time to showcase the changes made across the two versions, and the work gone into Conan Exiles looks to be pretty substantial.

Will you be checking out Conan Exiles' next-gen optimisation patch? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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