There is a lot of hype and demand surrounding the release of the official Xbox Series X Mini Fridges this Holiday, and speaking about them on Twitter, Xbox exec Aaron Greenberg confirmed that they won't be limited to the US alone.

Greenberg mentioned this while acknowledging that the Xbox Mini Fridge was surprisingly Xbox's most viewed video of the past week, beating the likes of Forza Horizon 5's reveal trailer and the Halo Infinite multiplayer trailer.

Unfortunately, there's still no word on exactly which countries the Xbox Mini Fridges will be available in, nor any kind of indication of pricing, and the release window is still just 'Holiday 2021' for now.

However, Greenberg did confirm in response to a fan that a single Mini Fridge can store 10 beers/cans with room for snacks, so it sounds like a pretty good size! They're probably going to be expensive... but we really, really want one.

What are you thinking about these fridges? Going to get one? Let us know down in the comments below.