The Tunic Xbox Demo Will Have Six Secrets Fans Of Zelda Should Find

As previously reported, Tunic is getting a demo on Xbox next week so fans can finally try the Zelda inspired adventure. Judging by a recent report, it looks as though it may be of a substantial size, as it's claimed there are six secrets hidden within the demo that fans of the Zelda series will hopefully find.

In a recent rundown by IGN, several facts about the upcoming demo were revealed. Players will get a taste of the overworld and one full dungeon, along with an assortment of the weapons available. While this will all be seen on the surface, a few other surprises remain hidden within.

According to the game's creator Andrew Shouldice, six secrets reside within waiting for players to find them. He also added that players should adapt a "Zelda mindset", as that will give them a good indication of where to look.

"Like any good Zelda-style game, there are secrets hiding all over the place if you look carefully enough. Shouldice very politely requested I not spoil any of them for you before you have a chance to play the demo for yourself, so I’ll just say this: put yourself in a Zelda mindset, and you’ll probably have some good ideas of where to look. Shouldice told me there are six secret items hidden in the demo, which means there are certainly plenty more to discover in the full game as well."

We're very interested to see what these may be. Being the huge Zelda fans we are (hey, we still play other consoles too!), we'll certainly be tracking these down and seeing what we can find. If you're hungry for more games of a similar ilk, we actually shared a list of some great Zelda-esque games to jump into on Xbox. There's also the Breath of the Wild inspired Sable arriving on Xbox this September. A great time for anyone who has fallen in love with the franchise and is looking for similar experiences on their Xbox.

Will you be hunting down these secrets in the Tunic demo? Let us know in the comments below.