Talking Point: How Do You Feel About Cross-Gen Games?
Image: Microsoft

Outside of the Xbox bubble, PlayStation fans have been treated to some juicy news this week. While it was sad to hear that the God of War sequel has been pushed back to 2022, it was also revealed that the game will be a cross-gen title, meaning it will release on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. This has caused some understandable upset. Up until this point, the company's message has been about creating a new generation for gamers, but now that appears to be getting muddled in the news of cross-gen releases. But is it really that bad?

Here at Xbox we're pretty used to the term. It's been made clear that for the foreseeable future, first-party Xbox games will (mostly) be cross-gen releases. This means games such as Halo Infinite will be supported across multiple generations. It's a message that we've grown accustomed to, and in reality has been something of a blessing. With Smart Delivery, our games have seamlessly transitioned over to the next generation with ease.

But there's also the argument made that cross-gen games can hold back the new generation, which again, is a completely reasonable criticism. Just last year when Halo Infinite was first shown, many felt the graphics were being held back by the Xbox One. Obviously that backlash resulted in the team delaying the game for a year, but we're yet to truly see how the game will run on each console outside of a few screenshots.

A lot of people seem to be fairly sceptical of cross-gen games, but if anything, the titles released thus far have proven we probably don't need to be. Just recently, Resident Evil Village ran at 60FPS with ray tracing enabled, and we've seen dozens of fan favourite games get the next-gen treatment. They're loading, playing, and looking better than ever before. Recently playing through Mass Effect Legendary Edition has shown us loading times are a thing of the past, warping between planets in seconds - and that isn't even a native next-gen game.

But like everything else, it's important to gauge what the community thinks. At the end of the day, fans of Xbox are what keep everything turning. So, do you feel there's an argument to be had against cross-gen games? Or do you feel that the Xbox Series X|S are doing a fine job in bolstering the games we have already?

How Do You Feel About Cross-Gen Games?

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