Yesterday gave us the highly-anticipated gameplay reveal of Halo Infinite, and while it's generally gone down very well, some have suggested that the game's visuals maybe aren't as impressive as they expected.

GM of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg was questioned about this in a livestream with Inside Gaming yesterday, and gave his thoughts surrounding some of the negative feedback for the game's graphics:

"I mean, listen, we're in the middle of a global pandemic, it's July, we're far from holiday. You're seeing a work-in-progress game. With that said, you probably watched the stream in 1080p (maybe), so we have put up a 4K/60fps on-demand stream, so I'd say go back and look at the game in 4K/60... it's very hard to show the full power and graphic fidelity of what Xbox Series X will be able to deliver for you over a stream."

The Microsoft exec also went on to confirm that he's actually played Halo Infinite's multiplayer, explaining that he's seen the game in 4K, and that it's going to be a a visual showcase for Xbox Series X:

"The other thing I'll just say is, it is a work-in-progress, so what you're seeing today - we see build check-ins every week, and they make progress week after week, so between now and this holiday, it's just going to get better and better. With that said, I thought it looked great, I thought it sounded great..."

"I have also looked at it in 4K, so that makes a difference. I'd encourage you to go back and look at the 4K, and trust us that when you play it this holiday, it's going to be a visual showcase for Xbox Series X."

What do you think of Halo Infinite's visuals so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

What Do You Think Of Halo Infinite's Visuals So Far?