Surprise! Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition Is Available Early For Xbox Series X|S

Here's a nice little surprise for fans of Metro Exodus! This week's free next-gen upgrade for the game, which was scheduled to be released this Friday, has accidently been made available ahead of time and is downloadable right now!

Publisher Deep Silver confirmed this on Twitter last night, saying that it "hopes Xbox players enjoy the early access," although there are investigations taking place as to how the update was pushed live two days early for Xbox alone.

You can dive in right now, then, and benefit from 60 frames per-second performance on both Xbox Series X (4K) and Xbox Series S (1080p), along with ray tracing throughout on both consoles, Field of View options and controller latency improvements.

Digital Foundry was the first to get hands-on with the upgrade ahead of its surprise release yesterday, and called it "excellent" and a "transformation" for the game, stating that the visual improvement compared to last-gen is "profound."

Have you had a chance to try Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition for Xbox Series X|S yet? Let us know below.