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Update [Tue 8th Jun, 2021 03:45 BST]: ConcernedApe says the issue has now been resolved and should be working on this platform within the next few hours.

Original article [Tue 8th Jun, 2021 00:30 BST]: If you're an avid fan of the farming and social simulator Stardew Valley and happen to play on Xbox, we've got some unfortunate news to share.

According to the game's creator ConcernedApe, the latest update has apparently broken the game. The team is now working on a fix. Fortunately, existing save files won't be harmed.

In a follow-up tweet, it's explained how you can try booting the game but it will "probably" crash immediately. While ConcernedApe is likely to resolve this issue ASAP, it might take a bit longer for Microsoft to actually publish this fix.

If we hear any updates, we'll let you know. Have you been able to play the Xbox version of Stardew Valley since updating the game? Leave a comment down below.