Sonic fans were greeted with a wonderful treat this week, as a 30th anniversary symphony took place - highlighting many classic tracks from across the series. It's been met with a wide range of positive reception from fans.

The 90 minute extravaganza left no era behind, as all bases of Sonic's legacy were covered in a triumphant musical celebration. Even better was that the live stream was completely free, allowing all members of the Sonic fandom to enter, sit back, and enjoy the sounds made across 30 years of games. Along with the symphony, gameplay from the mascot's titles overlaid the wonderful tunes, making for a perfect birthday treat for the blue hedgehog.

Fans have been sharing their appreciation and praise for the show since its airing. The franchise's social media manager, Katie - MiniKitty, took to Twitter to thank everyone involved that brought the concert to fruition over the past two years. Much like the YouTube comments, fans have expressed their love for the show, with responses such as: "It was genuinely one of the best musical experiences of my life, got tears out of me on more than one instance."

Xbox even joined in the fun for Sonic's birthday with a tweet dedicated to the platforming icon, leaving the playful comment: "love you."

If you haven't checked out the concert yet, we truly recommend watching the video above. It's a wave of nostalgia across many years of Sonic, and one of the best things SEGA has produced in a long time for their trusty mascot.

There's still tons of Sonic goodness on the way. We have Sonic Colors Remastered, a sequel to the live-action movie, and a brand new entry coming next year. It's a good time to be part of the fandom.

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