Fans of the Grand Theft Auto series are incredibly excited for GTA VI - despite no official announcements or information surrounding the game as of yet. With the continuing success of GTA Online, it may still be a while off, but one industry insider has shed some details on when the game may be arriving and what we can expect.

Tom Henderson - who is commonly known for leaking Call of Duty and Battlefield information - has released a video detailing what he's heard about the upcoming sandbox game. According to Henderson, the game could potentially adapt the fan favourite location of Vice City and turn it into a modern day setting. He also added that we shouldn't expect the game until 2025 at the earliest.

Perhaps more interesting is Henderson's comparison with the game and the extremely popular Fortnite. No, we're not expecting you to be diving into the world of Vice City in a battle royale mode, but the game may be taking some other elements it's famous for - most notably, its ever-changing map. Henderson claims we may see the world of Vice City change over time, much like GTA Online.

How this would transpire is using seasons throughout the year and adding more locations over time. This is something GTA Online has somewhat adopted already, incorporating new elements since its launch such as the casino. It even got an island heist mission last year, which was set in an entirely brand-new zone. While Henderson mentions Fortnite, the claims are sounding more in-line with the ever evolving nature GTA Online has followed since its launch.

Of course, with the game supposedly not being out until 2025, these are possibly very early ideas - if true, obviously. In this stage of development, concepts can be dramatically changed or even removed completely. It's worth taking these comments with a pinch of salt for now, but they're intriguing nevertheless.

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