Ubisoft has finally delivered an update on the eagerly anticipated Riders Republic, with a deep dive into the gameplay and a release date of September 2 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

The trailer clocks in just under five minutes, but packs a ton of details. We get a first look at the home base, where players can customise their character, hang out with other riders, and set up a series of multiplayer events. Along with that, the various sports you can take part in are also given a detailed look.

In the world of Riders Republic, you'll be able to ski, snowboard, mountain bike or wingsuit you way to victory in a series of events. It looks as though it isn't taking itself too seriously, with some tongue-in-cheek humour thrown in for good measure. There will also be some betas, and you can register your interest on the official Ubisoft website.

Ski, snowboard, bike, or wingsuit across an open world sports paradise. Race in mass start events, develop your rider's career, or kick back with friends and free roam the parks. Meet and compete with other players, ride hard with an exciting range of activities such as bike, ski, snowboard, wingsuit and rocket wingsuit.

Ubisoft has also provided us a first look at Rainbow Six Extraction, which will also be launching this September. There are quite a few games on the horizon from the publisher, so the next few months should be quite exciting!

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