Microsoft 'Encourages' Steam and Epic Games To Join Windows 11's New App Store

Microsoft held the big unveiling of Windows 11 yesterday, and in addition to highlighting many of its Xbox gaming-related features, the company spoke a bit about the possibility of Steam and the Epic Games Store being integrated.

In an interview with The Verge, Windows and device chief Panos Panay enthused that the two stores are certainly "encouraged" to become part of Windows 11's new app store, and should they want to, they would be "very welcome".

“Windows already in many ways hosts those stores, and if we can host it through the Microsoft Store then of course. For sure, it means as others want to come to the Store, they’re very welcome. As a matter of fact, encouraged, and that’s kind of why we’re building out some of these policies.”

“I really want this experience where you go to the store, you type the app in and you get the app you want.”

The potential downside, as The Verge highlights, is that despite a new policy change which will allow developers to keep 100 percent of the revenue from apps in the Windows 11 Store regardless of what payment options they use, this policy won't apply to games. However, it's unknown how the likes of Steam, which only hosts games, would fit into this.

It would likely be the best-case scenario from a consumer perspective, of course, as everything would be integrated into one dedicated app store. We're sceptical that Steam and Epic Games would be on board, but you never know.

Do you think Steam and Epic Games will become part of Windows 11's app store? Give us your thoughts below.