Enjoying the Euros? This year's UEFA European Football Championships (well, technically last year's) have been underway for just over a week now, and if you're anything like us, you've been hooked to your TV multiple times per-day to catch all the action. But when the action stops, Xbox Game Pass comes to the rescue.

Konami's eFootball PES 2021 Season Update is the home of Euro 2020 in gaming form this year, and that means it contains all the correct teams and kits, the official competition branding, ball and trophy, and a pretty impressive selection of stadiums that you wouldn't normally see in PES - including the host for the final, Wembley Stadium.

It used to be the case 20 years ago that you'd have to buy a full-priced title to play tournaments like these, but PES 2021 offers it to everyone at no extra charge - with the catch that it's limited to just offline play alone. You can play the full tournament with any of the teams, but you can't play an online version like FIFA used to do with World Cup games.

eFootball PES 2021 Euro 2020 Belgium Russia

If you're happy to just play offline though, there's not too much to grumble about here. The presentation is good, featuring fancy Euro 2020 graphics and branding across all the stadiums, and the gameplay is excellent as per-usual for PES. And if your home nation didn't manage to qualify for the Euros, you can still add them in if you want to.

It's very strange that the tournament is hidden away in the main menus (under 'Cup'), rather than being promoted as its own thing front-and-centre, so you have to go looking for it. You will see Euro 2020 content being promoted for myClub though - the Ultimate Team style mode - including special online and offline competitions.

The level of content isn't as exhaustive as the full-priced standalone games of old, then, but for a free part of the game (which itself is included with Xbox Game Pass), PES 2021's official Euro 2020 mode is certainly a welcome compliment to the real thing. You can even play out a dull 0-0 draw with Scotland if you want to...

Have you tried the Euro 2020 mode in eFootball PES 2021 on Game Pass? Let us know down below.