Halo Infinite Team 'Deep In The Depths Of Bug Fixing' Ahead Of Release This Holiday

343 Industries released the latest entry in the 'Inside Infinite' series of blogs last night, and while this one is a lot more subdued compared to previous entries, it does provide a bit more insight into what the team is currently working on.

Specifically, technical environment artist Turner Sinopoli pointed out that they're "deep in the depths of bug fixing" right now, and that means they're finding all sorts of fun bugs, such as players being wildly thrown across the map.

“As we are pulling everything together on Infinite, we are deep in the depths of bug fixing and we are at the peak of finding the most fun sort of bugs. I'm talking super jumps, getting thrown a million miles across the map, and all the fun Mint Blitz-style shenanigans that makes every day at work feel like watching Halo 3 compilation videos back in 2007.

Some highlights so far have included invisible walls trapping players, trees literally jumping in the air, physics objects with a desire to kill Master Chief, and my personal favorite: ‘jumping next to a thing too many times makes it explode.’”

Narrative tech lead Jamie Osborne also chipped in on this, name dropping a supposedly hilarious blooper called "Cowbell Boomerbang" that he hopes fans will eventually get to see, while principal development lead Alexandre David separately praised the team's ability in being able to scale Halo Infinite across a "broad range of hardware".

Halo Infinite is still targeting a Holiday 2021 release window at present, with Xbox boss Phil Spencer highlighting earlier this week that a specific day hasn't been narrowed down yet. More clarity will follow later this summer.

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[source halowaypoint.com]