All Signs Are Pointing To A Jurassic Park Game Reveal Next Week
Image: Frontier Developments

Well this could be exciting. Various evidence is seemingly pointing towards a new Jurassic Park game being release next week, possibly even as early as the Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live.

Speculation began when the official Jurassic World account shared an image of a dinosaur. On first glance, it looks strikingly similar to a scene from the movie, but on closer examination, many fans have noticed that it indeed looks digitally rendered and similar to the Cobra engine Frontier Developments used to create Jurassic World Evolution.

Adding more fuel to the fire, the official Jurassic World: The Game account responded to the tweet with an eye emoji. While it could be a tease for the mobile game, it seems highly unlikely that an account that big would be teasing an announcement related to that.

Now here's where we come to the more interesting part. Frontier Developments has also been confirmed to be one of the official partners for Summer Game Fest, and will be sharing some announcements sometime in the near future. While it could easily be anything Elite: Dangerous related or a brand new IP entirely, there's something else that steers it in the direction of being Jurassic Park related.

Yesterday, Summer Game Fest announced that Jeff Goldblum, famously known as playing Ian Malcom in the series, would be making an appearance during the Kickoff Live show. For those that don't know, Goldblum lent his voice talents to Jurassic World Evolution. To add even more evidence, Summer Game Fest organiser Geoff Keighley also shared a GIF of Goldblum from the original Jurassic Park movie with the quote: "Well, there it is."

We don't know about you, but all this is adding up to sound like something is coming next week. As huge Jurassic Park fans here at Pure Xbox, we can't help but be excited by the possible announcement, but it's worth keeping expectations in check. With that being said, we'll know for sure next week on June 10.

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