With GAME's New Trade-In Offer, You Can Get An Xbox Series S For £99

UK retailer GAME has announced today that it's launching a brand-new trade-in offer for the Xbox Series S, which allows you to get your hands on the system for just £99 or less when trading in one of a few last-gen consoles.

Specifically, by trading in "any Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch console, gamers can buy a new Xbox Series S for £99.99 or less depending on the console exchanged."

As the press release highlights, you could actually get it for significantly less than £99.99.

For example, trading in a Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro or Xbox One X will actually get you the Xbox Series S for as low as £39.99 or £49.99, whereas the Xbox One S sits at that £99.99 price mark, and there's no word on the OG Xbox One.

"The Xbox Series S (normal price £249.99) can be snapped up for as little as £39.99 if trading a Nintendo Switch, or £49.99 if trading a PS4 Pro 1TB or Xbox One X 1TB."

The offer is available from today until June 14, 2021, and doesn't include online sales, so you'll need to go into your local store to take advantage. For all further details on this trade-in offer, GAME advises asking at the store.

"Console must be in good working order, be of satisfactory quality and pass all relevant security checks. Trade-in must come with an official controller, HDMI cable, power cable and controller charging cable (where applicable)."

Will you be taking advantage of this Xbox Series X trade-in offer? Let us know down in the comments below.