Trademark Renewal Sparks Hope For A New The Evil Within Game

We're not going to hide the fact that we're huge fans of The Evil Within series here at Pure Xbox. When Resident Evil was going through a rough patch, the Bethesda published franchise was filling in a void that was left behind. We've had the first game enter Xbox Game Pass this year, as well as some nifty new features added to the title, but now a discovered trademark renewal gives us hope this isn't the end of support.

The renewal in question was actually made back in August last year (thanks, SomosXbox) and cited the trademark as "continued use" at Trademarkia, which would indicate that developer Tango Gameworks is intending to use it. Now, this could just be a traditional renewal, but the claim of continued use gives us some hope that there's plans for a new entry.

Microsoft acquired Tango Gameworks when it acquired Bethesda earlier this year, and with the continued success of horror franchises such as Resident Evil Village - which celebrated selling 3 million copies in its first weekend - it would be no surprise that the company wants to sprinkle some of that magic into the Xbox ecosystem. While the first game was a bit of a flawed gem, the far superior sequel effectively managed to deliver a pretty substantial horror experience.

As it stands, Tango Gameworks is currently working on the PlayStation 5 timed exclusive, Ghostwire: Tokyo, which Microsoft has previously said it will honour. If there are plans in motion, we wouldn't expect to see them at this E3, but that's not to say there's not some active development going on.

Here's hoping!

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