One of the criticisms floating around about Resident Evil Village is the action heavy emphasis the game puts forward. Those complaints could have been a lot worse if Capcom went through with its original plan, which saw the game throwing A LOT more enemies at the player.

In a "Making of Resident Evil Village" video, the behind the scenes footage focuses on some of the problems and struggles the team encountered during development. One of the most notable was balancing the amount of enemies on screen, as originally, there was a gargantuan number to contend with. The behind the scenes footage shows what the game could have looked like, which quality assurance manager Shutaro Kobayashi says made the combat "uninteresting" and “incredibly tiring to play”.

“This made combat feel uninteresting. The game’s content was completely divorced from what the development team thought they had made.”

Feedback on the game caused a lot of backlash, and with the game close to shipping, caused fear in the studio that they'd messed up. To rectify the issue, certain members of the QA team were drafted in to help work on making the game more palatable and fun. The motto of the game shifted from "a struggle to survive" to "give them space", as combat was reworked to be less intense. The game's director Morimasa Sato said the changes were made to make players "paranoid about if and how they’re going to be attacked".

“Rather than make the players panic by just throwing aggressive monsters at them, we make them paranoid about if and how they’re going to be attacked, and worry about where the next enemy will be. Then, when an enemy appears, it’s relentless. We consciously focused on improving the pacing. I think that’s when it started to click.”

Thankfully, these changes were made in time for the game launch, and while the team were initially disheartened by the feedback, they now feel it was the right call. Some of Resident Evil Village can be pretty intense as it is with the dozens upon dozens of enemies it throws at you, so we can only imagine what the original concept may have been like. We've got to say, we're with the QA testers on this one.

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