Reaction: Wow, Titanfall 2's Community Day Was A Massive Success

You might remember that earlier this week, a TikTok campaign encouraged all Titanfall 2 fans to jump online on Saturday, May 1st, and that campaign stretched a long way - even Xbox Game Pass on Twitter got involved!

The community really took the idea to heart, and as a result, the 2016 game enjoyed a massive player base yesterday. With a max peak over 30k on Steam, almost 20k on Xbox and around 10k on PlayStation, it really went down a treat.

We were playing a few rounds ourselves, and there appeared to be a nice mix of new players and skilled veterans on the battlefield. It was also our first chance to check out Titanfall 2's 120 FPS Boost on Xbox Series X, and if you've got the ability to play at that frame rate, we highly recommend doing so. It's a really great upgrade!

Here are some of our own random screengrabs from the Titanfall 2 day on May 1st:

Did you take part in Titanfall 2's community day? Let us know down in the comments section below.