Titanfall 2 Fans Are Planning To Jump Online All At Once This Weekend

You might have seen recently that Titanfall 2 has enjoyed a resurgence on Steam, and now the Titanfall community is planning a big playdate this weekend on May 1st in order to share their love for the game.

The campaign stemmed from a couple of TikTok users called CursedIbuprofen and later Expo Raptor, with the former stating that the reason behind the playdate was to "send a message to Respawn to make a third game." It was later shared to Reddit, where it also clocked up another few thousand likes and hundreds of comments:

Not everyone is convinced by the campaign, with some (such as the commenter above) stating that regardless of how many players show up, it's not going to have any impact on a potential Titanfall 3, but it should be a nice boost for the community anyway. That is, of course, if most fans do actually stay true to their word and show up!

If you own Titanfall 2 (or can access it via EA Play), maybe give it a try this coming Saturday!

Are you going to participate in this? What do you think of the message behind it? Let us know below.