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Somebody get Tom Nook on the phone, as this blatant Animal Crossing rip off on the Microsoft Store will not be winning any awards of subtlety. How this slipped through the cracks is beyond us, but given how the game's promotional art and title are literal replicas of Nintendo's Animal Crossing New Horizons, we don't expect it to remain there for very long.

As spotted by our lovely friends over at Nintendo Life, the game resides under the name of Animal Crossing New Horizons (no, we're not joking), and will set you back £2.79/$2.99 bells. The cover art, which is not just a bit like Animal Crossing New Horizons, but in fact is the same artwork from that game, paints a different picture to what the game actually is.

Instead of living your own island life, making friends, and paying off ridiculous debts to a racoon, who in all honestly seems to be thriving off us being able to barely put food on the table - you'll instead be literally making animals cross a road. In fact, it's also suspiciously close to another popular game on mobile known as Crossy Road, so a double whammy on the copyright front.

"Animal Crossing New Horizons An animal farm has let its animals escape. Help them to cross the city without being run over.

- 5 different characters.
- Difficulty increasing.
- Table of top scores."

We hope nobody gets suckered into thinking this is the real Animal Crossing New Horizons, because it is most certainly is not. However, if you're looking for another take on the Crossy Road formula, or miss games such as Frogger, then for a couple of quid/dollars, you probably can't go wrong. In the case that the game also does get pulled from the store, this could be one rare title you could have bragging rights to owning... maybe.

What do you make of this fake Animal Crossing New Horizons? Tell us down in the comments below.

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