We've had small rumblings of Starfield for a while now, but this rumour could be the biggest yet if true. One insider is claiming that not only could the game release by the year's end, but it may also be an Xbox exclusive.

As per the recent Xbox Two podcast (at 1:34:10), industry insider Rand Al Thor spoke about the Bethesda deal, claiming that Bethesda's upcoming space RPG which is often cited as being 'Fallout in space', is a full Xbox exclusive, and Microsoft is trying its hardest to get the game shipped for this holiday season.

"I've been told, by very reliable people that Starfield was 100% an Xbox exclusive. I've even made bets about it, and I don't bet unless I know I'm willing to bet. So I'm really, really confident that Starfield is only releasing on Xbox when it does, and I've been told as well that Microsoft is trying their hardest to get the game out for this holiday. They really want Starfield out this holiday.

The game's basically sort of finished - it's in bug squashing mode right now, very much like Halo Infinite, and it would be a big boon for Game Pass and Xbox if both Halo and Starfield could launch this fall."

Another industry insider echoed the same sentiment last month, suggesting that the game could follow the same pattern as Fallout 4 - which was revealed and released within a matter of months. It is worth noting that COVID could still put a dampener on things, but if the rumours are true, Xbox could be in for a busy holiday season.

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