Mass Effect Update Available On Xbox
Image: BioWare

EA and BioWare have released the first patch for Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which aims to rectify the wireless headset issue that has been causing the game to crash on Xbox Series X. Although, it still causes issues if the headset is turned on or off in the launcher.

Along with this, a variety of other problems have also been fixed, including achievement tracking pertaining to kills. It's not a massive list, but quickly sorts out those niggling issues players have been having.

The following are fixes and improvements we’ve made across all platforms in this update.


  • Fixed the main issue where the launcher would crash or become unresponsive on Xbox Series X when using a wireless headset.
    • Known issue: This can still happen if you enable/disable a headset in the launcher. A future fix will resolve this issue.
  • Improved iris shaders for better interaction with light and ambient occlusion.
  • Minor calibrations, fixes, and stability improvements.

Mass Effect

  • Improved terrain textures.
  • Fixed an issue where kills for achievements/trophies weren’t tracking correctly.

Mass Effect & Mass Effect 2

  • Resolved an issue where the character code would sometimes not display in the squad menu.
  • Improvements to pre-rendered cutscenes to reduce occasional artifacts.

Mass Effect 2

  • Improved lighting and shadows in some cinematics.
  • Minor visual, rendering, and VFX improvements on some levels.
  • Resolved minor text issues with achievements.

Mass Effect 3

  • Fixed an issue where kills for achievements/trophies weren’t tracking correctly.

Short and sweet! Hopefully the final fix for the wireless headset is out soon, but in the meantime it's easily avoidable. We also know the achievements weren't tracking properly through personal experience, so this is also great news.

Have you downloaded the hotfix yet? Give us your thoughts on the patch notes below.