Xbox And Bethesda Will Host A Joint E3 Showcase
Image: Bethesda/Microsoft

A rumour aired last week that Xbox and Bethesda will be combining to bring a joint showcase to fruition at E3, and according to a new interview with the head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty - it's true.

Speaking to French publication Le Figaro, Booty reportedly said that "Microsoft and Bethesda will hold a joint conference this summer to present their next projects to players". It's unclear how this will transpire, but we expect games such as Starfield to make an appearance throughout the lengthy showcase.

Booty also went into the future of the two companies, reiterating the companies goal to bring titles such as Starfield to Xbox Game Pass on launch. He stated that the companies "intention is for their [Bethesda] games to be on the Game Pass on the day of their release."

Earlier this year, Xbox commented on the future of its Bethesda acquisition, saying the companies future games will appear "where Game Pass exists". They also confirmed that some future titles will be exclusive to Xbox and PC players. With E3 around the corner and the two companies coming together, we'll undoubtedly begin hearing which games will appear where, giving some indication of what to expect in the future.

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