Is EA’s DICE Teasing It Will Be At Xbox’s Showcase?
Image: DICE

Just because we have confirmation of the Xbox Showcase, you didn't think that would be it, right? Of course not. There are still a few weeks to go and we can expect teases and rumours galore. The first we have is an exchange on Twitter, which could suggest DICE is making an appearance during the show.

Ben Walke, a producer at DICE, was seen throwing a very suggestive eye emoji over to the announcement of the event, with the Xbox account itself even responding with the same. Now, it could very well mean nothing, but as we know, Xbox loves to tantalise us like this and keep us guessing. So what do you think?

Obviously the most reasonable suggestion would be that Battlefield 6 will be among the roster. The relationship between Xbox and EA has been very strong in recent months, and with Battlefield's reveal coming this June, could it be taking place during the Xbox Showcase instead of its own event?

There have been tons of rumours about the game floating around, along with a bunch of leaked images and clips of the trailer. We've heard crazy rumours such as the game potentially entering Xbox Game Pass on day one. Now, while it's not entirely out the realms of possibility, we would be surprised - considering the game has now been confirmed to be a cross-gen title. Maybe this isn't even a tease at all, but playful banter.

There's something fun about the speculation, though. Roll on June 13!

What do you think about this exchange? A tease or a bit of fun? Let us know in the comments below.