EA Explains Why Your Mass Effect Legendary Edition Pre-Load Is Only 20GB On Xbox

The whole situation surrounding Mass Effect Legendary Edition's pre-load on Xbox has been a little confusing up to this point. Some people have reported seeing a file size of 80GB+, some have reported seeing a file size of just 100mb, and now others are reporting seeing a file size of just over 20GB. Which is it?!

Thanks to EA, we've finally got an answer. If you've bought Mass Effect Legendary Edition digitally, you should now be able to start accessing a pre-load on Xbox which clocks in at just over 20GB. The reason it's so small is because it contains just the first game, with the other two available to be downloaded separately post-release.

It seems the intention behind this method is to ease the heavy downloads for pre-order customers and save on storage space - a bit like Halo: The Master Chief Collection - although if you were hoping to start Mass Effect Legendary Edition on the second or third games, it looks like you'll need to wait until release day to download them.

Altogether, the three games do appear to add up to over 80GB, but you won't need to keep all of that installed on your Xbox at once if you don't want to. And according to EA, this is all thanks to Xbox Smart Delivery!

Happy with this approach to Mass Effect's pre-load, or irritated by it? Let us know down in the comments.