As if the Bethesda acquisition hadn't got us excited enough earlier this week, Windows Central editor Jez Corden has shared insight into some reportedly big Xbox plans with third party studios in the future.

Speaking as part of the Xbox Two Podcast with host Rand al Thor 19, Corden explained that although he doesn't like teasing things "that are really far out," he knows that Microsoft is involved with some big third party studios right now:

"I know Microsoft is heavily involved with some big third party studios right now for exclusives. Some of the projects I've seen pitched are the kind of games that I'd expect to be, sort of, on the level of, sort of like where Bungie was with Halo back in the day. The kind of 10 year plan sort of thing like Asobo doing with Flight Simulator."

Corden went on to explain that he's seen some things that are "incredibly impressive," but as with all projects planned for the seemingly distant future, it's impossible to know if they're ever going to come to fruition.

Nevertheless, he suggested Microsoft definitely has some exciting plans ahead:

"Microsoft is still moving ahead. I've seen things that are like years out that are incredibly impressive that made me think that some of the studios involved could end up being acquired because of the scale of some of these projects. But it's so early that these things might never come to fruition. You know, I always think back to Scalebound, Phantom Dust, these games that were sort of announced that never sort of appeared. More games than we ever know that never get off the ground or get past the prototype stage.

I don't like teasing things that are really far out because it leads to disappointment but you know, for the sake of the podcast and for you guys, I will just say that Microsoft is always planning things. It's not like they bought Bethesda and thought 'OK, we're done now.' They ain't done. Some of the things they are exploring is just crazy."

All of this sounds like it's in the distant future, but in terms of the immediate present, Microsoft has confirmed on multiple occasions recently that it has more surprises to share from Xbox Game Studios at some point in 2021.

Corden also recently reported that Microsoft will be hosting some kind of Xbox event on March 26th, and it may even offer a glimpse at some upcoming games for 2021, although it's not believed to be a major games showcase.

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