Sonic Colors Coulld Be Coming To Xbox
Image: SEGA

This year marks Sonic's 30th anniversary, and SEGA has been fairly quiet on what they plan to do to celebrate the iconic hedgehog's birthday. Multiple sources seem to have given an insight into future plans, suggesting a remastered version of Sonic Colors could actually be arriving on Xbox consoles.

Originally, the game was only available on Nintendo Wii and DS in 2010, but information on the remaster has also outlined an Xbox version. Gematsu reported that a German voice-over studio known as iksample has listed the game in its portfolio of titles. In fact, it's been shown since December 20, 2020 as being a project in the works.

Not only that, but Nintendo Everything also found that a since pulled listing from French retailer Sogamely had the title up on its site, with an Xbox One version highlighted. It makes sense for a remastered version to expand to other systems - especially given the fact it's the hedgehog's 30th anniversary.

Sonic Colors followed the traditional gameplay of the series when it first released, with critics praising the game for returning to the franchise's roots. Our sister site Nintendo Life also loved the game, stating at the time it was "the best 3D Sonic game ever". That's some big praise, so you can bet we'll be checking it out if the information is true.

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