Respawn Entertainment Becomes First Game Studio To Win An Oscar
Image: Respawn Entertainment

Respawn has made video game history, as it's become the first gaming studio to win an Academy Award. The win in question was for Best Documentary (Short Subject), with its work on the Medal of Honor documentary, Colette.

The film was originally created to tie into the VR exclusive Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, but still manages to paint an emotional viewpoint often lacking from the military shooters we play. Colette may only be 25 minutes long, but its story surrounding 90-year-old Colette Marin-Catherine, who revisits the German concentration camp where her brother is killed, is truly captivating and harrowing stuff. It's no surprise Respawn took home the award.

It's emotional, but eye-opening and extremely powerful in its execution. The lines between film and gaming have always been very clearly defined, but in recent years, those walls seem to be slowly breaking. Indie developers are creating truly emotional, artistic stories, whilst studios such as Respawn are funding projects such as this. Hopefully this sets a precedent for what the gaming industry can achieve.

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