Random: Lucky Xbox Fan Shows Off Game Pass Lifetime Membership
Image: Ryreco on Reddit

Did you know that there's such a thing as an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate lifetime membership? It's true, and Reddit user Ryreco is the proof, who took to the platform to show off his prizes from the 2020 Chief Xbox Officer sweepstakes.

Ryreco won the sweepstakes by entering as part of Microsoft Rewards last year, but only recently was able to claim the prizes, which included an insane (usable!) custom-made Xbox One X with a sword sticking out of it.

"Won the 2020 Canadian Chief Xbox Officer sweepstakes but due to the border being closed I haven't been able to claim prizes, however these guys showed up today unexpectedly!"

This specific competition ended in early 2020, as highlighted by Xbox's Major Nelson at the time:

Despite the crazy console and controller, most of the attention on Reddit has been focused on Ryreco's Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, which is said to last 40 years, taking their subscription all the way into the year 2060.

As part of the sweepstakes, the Canadian Ryreco also won "a trip to Seattle for a week all expenses paid to tour Microsoft studios", as if those great prizes weren't enough! You've got to love Microsoft Rewards...

Which do you think is the better prize, the console or the Game Pass membership? Tell us down below.

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