MLB The Show 21 Receives Heavy Xbox Advertising At Toronto Blue Jays Game

The release of MLB The Show 21 on Xbox Game Pass is now less than a week away, and while it's obviously developed by PlayStation Studios, it's nevertheless getting a lot of marketing for Xbox consoles.

Just recently, heavy advertising for the Xbox version of MLB The Show 21 has been spotted in the real-life MLB, with one particular photo doing the rounds from a Toronto Blue Jays game against the New York Yankees.

It probably shouldn't surprise us given everything we've learned about MLB The Show 21 over the past few months, but it is still a shock to see the game getting such heavy marketing for Xbox given who it's developed by.

According to the Microsoft Store though, the game is being published on Xbox by the MLB directly, so it does make sense. Sony also recently suggested that the MLB made the decision to bring the game to Xbox Game Pass at launch.

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