Dirt 5 Dev Says Xbox Series S Isn't A Hindrance

There have been many conflicting thoughts about the Xbox Series S. Will it hold back this generation? Or will it simply allow more people to get on board? Fans, and even some developers seem to be split into two camps.

In a recent Game On Daily podcast, Dirt 5's technical director, David Springate, was asked about whether the Xbox Series S was an hinderance on development, to which he suggested it wasn't. As an owner of an Xbox Series S, Springate believes "it's absolutely fine in all the right places", adding that he loves his console.

He later noted that the system is a "great value proposition", and he doesn't "see it being a hinderance at all". Dirt 5 runs like a dream on the Xbox Series S, and looks beautiful, so it seems these comments are definitely well founded - but obviously it remains to be seen how next-gen titles will fare as the years go by.

If you haven't checked out Dirt 5, it's a perfect example of what the next-gen hardware can do. It's currently available through Xbox Game Pass, which Springate also said has resulted in a "shockingly huge" impact on the game's player base. Be sure to check it out if you're on the fence.

Do you think the Xbox Series S will be a hinderance this generation? Let us know in the comments below.

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